Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Police Matters, AVO's & Driving Offences can be discussed with Salmon & Co. Solicitors and are always dealt with the professionalism required in such instances. Experience is the key in these matters and Salmon & Co. have 30 years of such experience. Contact us to discuss your matter and arrange an appointment at our offices.

Business & Commercial

Salmon & Co. can help you start your business with a sound business structure that protects you, complies with legal obligations and ensures your contracts, terms and conditions, business leases and more are in your best interests. Tax, product liability, correct structures, public liability – we have extensive business knowledge and can also assist with contract/shareholder or partnership disputes

Wills​ & Estate Planning

Our services are detailed and precise. We can assist with issues such as Appointment of Guardians, Powers of Attorney, Estate & Will disputes and also Probabe abd Administration of Deceased Estates. We can also assist with Will Planning allowing you to distribute your assets as you wish and negate family disputes. Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning are important service to Salmon & Co. 

Litegation/Court Disputes

Property & Divorce

Family Law

​Property & Divorce. We are able to assist with alternative dispute resolution and mediation, offering sound advise and compasion to help you through this very difficault period.

Real Estate

Buying & Selling Commercial & Residential real estate including Mortages & Loans. Pre and Post Exchange requirements such as surverying and building inspections, engenieering certificates, stamp duty and first home buter grants just to name a few. All handled in a promt and effecient manner.